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Baker's Dozen
Beleaguered Castle
Calculation (3 and 4 pile)
Free Cell
Klondike (Classic)
Monte Carlo (Pairs)
Monte Carlo (13s)
Osmosis solitaire
Poker Solitaire
Pyramid 13
Russian Solitaire
Simple Simon
Spiderette solitaire
Streets & Alleys

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Solitaire Whizz

Wondering how to play FreeCell on iPad? Looking for free solitaire games for iPad? Solitaire Whizz is the definitive collection of solitaire games for iPad. The current version contains 32 popular solitaire games and variants in a single app, offering incredible value for money for solitaire fans and novices alike. Alternatively, the Solitaire Whizz family includes some free solitaire games for iPad: see below.

Get 32 solitaire games for iPad!

(See below for free alternatives)

32 solitaire games ifor iPad
Solitaire Whizz: Available on the App Store

FREE! Solitaire for iPad (Klondike)

Grab your free copy of this classic strategy solitaire game for iPad! Complete with in-game instructions and AI hints, retina graphics and animation! As a bonus, the app also includes Klondike variants Agnes and Whitehead. For full instructions, see: how to play Klondike.

Available on the App Store

FREE! Pyramid 13 for iPad

Grab your free copy of this fun solitaire game. Discard pairs of cards to clear the pyramid, making careful use of the stock pile. The free iPad version includes high-quality retina graphics and animation. A simplified version is also available to play Pyramid 13 free on line. For full instructions, see: how to play Pyramid 13.

Available on the App Store
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Solitaire Whizz is a compendium of solitaire (patience) games for iPad. If you are new to the solitaire games, then you should probably start by looking at the page on how to play Klondike solitaire. If you searched for in error, you may have been looking for this site.